4 8/12/2017

good service, on time for appointment.

2.5 8/11/2017

i bought a groupon for oil changes for H1. the first time i used the coupon I was impressed with the quick appoitment, and the service. When my car was done, I got a short print out of "recommended services" for my car, which was good. Last week I did my second Oil change and had the recommended service done. Before i dropped the car off, the quoted price was adjusted (lower) since I had other savings available which was great. During the day, i received a call that I needed a new air filter, and a back windshield wiper (add another $32 to my already lower bill). No problem. Upon picking the car up, I found my bill was now $75 higher than originally agreed. I expected it to be 32. In reading the bill, I found a double charge for the wiper (it was corrected) bur the filter was 2x higher than quoted on the phone, and there was now an oil charge (my groupon covered ENTIRE oil change). It was said "the filter we needed was different than what was quoted" the groupon "doesnt cover the entire oil change, there is still a minimal charge for product". I paid the full bill, and left. I mentioned this to a coworker who also bought a groupon, and she said that same thing happened, her groupon oil change had a charge, and that her recommended service came out almost $50 higher than quoted. On top of this, I called my normal mechanic shop who does my maintance and had them quote the services I had done....I paid 266 at your shop, my regular shop would have been $140. Same things done, same service. Though your staff is very friendly and quick, i do not appreciate the creative billing or upselling things. I would rate lower, but again the staff is excellent and most likely following orders from the store owner or coporate guys and have no say in how to do things. I am forfeiting my remaining oil changes I prepaid for and not returning to you business.

5 7/31/2017

I've had two of my cars serviced here and the staff is awesome. We had a slight misunderstanding on a part but they handled it quickly and professionally and I'm completely satisfied and will return when needed.

5 7/17/2017

Very pleased with their service! Highly recommend to all! Outstanding service-they are now our go to repair shop. Honest!

5 7/11/2017

Always get good service here.

4 7/5/2017

great service

5 7/3/2017

Exceptional service! Staff are all very friendly and professional. The prices are reasonable and I wasn't pressured into purchasing unnecessary parts or services. They went out of their way to provide excellent service and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

5 7/2/2017

Good service. My 2 cars just had maintenance service in this shop and it was sensational.

4 6/26/2017

scheduling was easy, service was prompt and efficient as always.

5 6/26/2017

Another good visit and rapid response. Very good place to take my cars. Will continue to support Honest-1 with my three cars. Apparently they don't service motorcycles or I would take my Shadow there as well..